President’s Message – September 2017

Absolutely Amazing. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The equivalency of food and cash donated was $28,730. This included the multiplier factor of $5.98 for every dollar donated. An amazing amount was raised for the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank  during our Thursday kickoff concert. What an achievement. The food bank coffers have been replenished thanks to the incredible generosity of our patrons.

The Thursday concert was magical with our local bands working their Mojo! They delivered on all cylinders and our patrons were not disappointed. We do have amazing local talent and it was a pleasure to showcase them on a special night.

Where do I begin? Thanks to all our volunteers. You were an absolute delight in welcoming our guests and they definitely noticed. Comments were stellar in congratulating the volunteers. I must thank Diana Lilley and Suzanna Van Galen for being our Volunteer Coordinators. They put in a lot of hours, countless emails and numerous phone calls to ensure that we had a responsible cadre of volunteers. I hope the job gets easier as the years go by.

I must take the time to thank one volunteer who exceeded by far my expectations. If anyone is to be nominated as “Volunteer of the Year” it has to be Fred Callingham. From set up to take down Fred was there for the entire time. My personal thanks to Fred and his wife Denise for their efforts year round but especially for this past weekend. A big thanks also to the 50/50 ticket folks. An amazing job in raising much need monies for the Summertime Blues.

Security was a real highlight. Not obtrusive and yet delivered 100%. Almost an invisible presence and yet any challenges were handled quickly and with tact. A special thank you to Peter Carroll and Gordo. Great job. Looking forward to seeing you back next year.

Sound was fantastic and I must thank Sound Advice for their expertise. The stage was also an upgrade from previous years and I must thank Steelhead Stagecraft for figuring out the best way to showcase our talent especially considering the two trees that limited our options. Kudos to both teams.

A special thank you to Bill Marlow (Our bartender friend retired from The Queen’s). Well organized and lineups were minimal. The rest of our bar staff are to be commended for their time and energy. They never stopped smiling or pouring.

Who was in charge of the Green Room you might ask? Marion Whitty and Summer Fragomeni-Hay were the folks who kept our musicians fed and watered. Food trays were never empty and the drinks were always cold. A special thanks to Theresa Shelley for tasks that weren’t well defined but had to be done.

Thanks to the food vendors and artisans. They always add an important component to our festival and our fans.

I must also thank our various sponsors and benefactors including Nanaimo Hospitality Association, City of Nanaimo, Tourism Vancouver Island, The Queen’s Hotel, Canada Heritage, BC Arts, Country Grocer, U-Lock, Coast FM and many other numerous supporters.

Last but certainly not least – my most heartfelt thanks goes to our Board of Directors. In some cases literally hundreds of hours were input over the past 12 months in putting together the best Blues Festival ever. Personal thanks to Grant Payne for the amazing lineup, Darlene Kelt for her fiscal acumen, Cherrie Sarauer specializing in Grant Applications, Mike Hogan our Newsletter and Facebook presence, Doug Fetherston Graphic Design, Leni Balaban Membership and Artisan Vendors, Jackie Moisan Blues Jam Coordinator Extraordinaire and Brian Whitty event coordinator and education. A super talented board of directors that I pay homage to. Without you guys this festival would not have been possible.

A very special thank you to my wife Coreen who allows me the indulgence of serving the society. I love you so much and appreciate all the support behind the scenes. You truly complete my life.

My last Thank You goes to you, our fans and supporters. You put a smile on my face as I look over the largest crowd ever in our history. You make me proud to be President.

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Until the next time.


Gerold Haukenfrers








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