About the Society

2016 – 2017 Board of Directors
Gerold Haukenfrers
Vice President
Grant Payne
Darlene Kelt
Doug Fetherston, Summer Hay, Gary McAlpine, Jackie Moisan, Leni Balaban, Brian Whitty


The Nanaimo Blues Society (the Society) is a BC registered non-profit society that was founded in October 2004 and is led by a committed volunteer board with a passion for Blues music and a desire to add to the culture and vitality of Nanaimo. The Society’s aims are to:

  • Establish, promote and maintain Summertime Blues! a world class Blues Festival in downtown Nanaimo, BC drawing from the wealth of fine blues musicians in BC, across the country and around the world;
  • Develop and present other musical events that will provide enjoyment for the community, showcase Nanaimo and area musical talent, build understanding of and appreciation for the Blues and stimulate the local economy;
  • Develop ways to engage youth in music, and provide youth with opportunities for musical education and development;
  • Foster and encourage mentorship among musicians and create opportunities (workshops, jams etc) for education, networking and exchange of knowledge; and
  • Build lasting partnerships with Nanaimo area businesses and organizations in support of the Society’s objectives.

“Bringing the Blues to Nanaimo” is the tag line used by the Society on all of its promotional material and membership literature. It’s our mantra and our primary reason for existence. The Society’s aims are directed at developing ways to ensure that the history, nature and practice of the Blues is accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The Society has organized and presented five highly successful, Summertime Blues! festivals. These outdoor Blues festivals have been held in downtown Nanaimo featuring local, provincial, national and internationally renowned Blues musicians. The “Nanaimo Blues Society All Stars” who made their debut at the Summertime Blues! 2007 and have performed at a number of community events since then. The Society organizes and participates in a numerous community activities throughout the year such as dances, charity fundraisers, parades and trade shows.

The Society currently has no paid staff. Work is performed by the member volunteer Board and a core of volunteers from among the Society’s members.

For more information and/or you are interested in joining The Nanaimo Blues Society please email us at: info@nanaimoblues.ca.