Summertime Blues 2016 : Saturday August 27

Tonight’s Headliner:
Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown

Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown were one of the leaders of the British Blues Invasion back in the ‘60’s. They started recording in ’66. After a super successful run the band broke up in ’71. Vocalist extraordinaire Chris Youlden left for a solo career and the other three guys left to form Foghat.

Since then Kim has been carrying the torch to keep the Blues alive. He quickly formed another version of the band featuring the players from the British Blues-Rock band Chicken Shack. Over the years the players have changed but not his love of the Blues.

Kim’s playing is top notch and there’s just something about a guitarist that’s up there without a lot of pedals and effects that just screams the Blues. What you see is what you get from Kim. No tricks or gimmicks, just that Blues magic that speaks directly to your soul. The show will move you emotionally and physically. Once he breaks out the boogie there definitely will be some butt-rockin’ going on!

Kim has never stopped touring over the years and has been spreading his Blues/Rock/Boogie message all over the world.Their performance as the headliners Saturday night at 2016 Summertime Blues has been 50 years in the making. We are so lucky to see the fruits of their labor!

Saturday Noon – 10pm | Gates open at 11am


Preston McCool

Preston McCool is a five-piece band with musical roots firmly planted in the Blues, R&B and classic Rock. Their rule is “if you’re not sweating bullets after each set, you haven’t done your job”. Energy, intensity, chemistry, tasty licks and the ability to ramp it up a notch is what their performances are all about. These cats are really tight and have excellent taste in their choice of songs. Any band that does a couple of Freddie King instrumentals is aces in my book.

Preston McCool played at The Queens Sunday Jam and was immediately signed to play on Saturday at the 2016 Summertime Blues.

1:00 pm

Renovation Blues Band

Renovation Blues Band is a four-piece group playing upbeat and cutting edge Blues to appreciative audiences.  Swinging grooves, shuffling beats and funky rhythms are their calling card.

Renovation Blues Band is a fun and engaging band that has been featured previously at Summertime Blues as well as many performances all over Vancouver Island.  They play a variety Blues-influenced music, rooted in Chicago, Texas and West Coast traditions.  The heart-felt vocals, deep rhythms and hot solos never stop!  Whenever they play at The Queens the crowd never stops dancing.

Renovation Blues Band will be performing on Saturday at the 2016 Summertime Blues. They are lot of fun and not to be missed.

2:00 pm

Gerry Barnam & Bill Johnson

Gerry Barnum is a seasoned performer and respected artist.  His performing experiences is diverse; festivals, coffee houses, house concerts, theaters and studios. Gerry describes his sound as “soulful, Roots originals” and he is often referred to as “a musician’s musician”.  He is an excellent harp player and slide guitarist and has been featured on numerous recordings.

Bill Johnson has been playing Blues for over forty years.  A master guitarist, musician and vocalist, Bill had developed his own brand of laid back, soul-thumping Blues.  His unique style and beautiful tone reveal a rare passion for the Blues.

Gerry and Bill will be performing together on Saturday at the 2016 Summertime Blues.  Combining Gerry’s slide guitar and harp with Bill’s soulful singing and Blues-swinging guitar, makes for a one of a kind performance that you won’t want to miss.

On the web: Gerry Barnum   Bill Johnson

3:15 pm

The Crissinger Band

The Crissinger Band is a contemporary blues band featuring an all-star cast of musicians from the Nanaimo area. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Mark Crissinger leads the band and is joined by Bill Hicks on drums, Marty Howe on harmonica, Dan Dube on keyboards and Brian Whitty on bass. Together they perform original music from Crissinger’s fifth solo album “Blues Expression”. The CD is currently getting airplay across Canada and the United States. The first single “Shake A Leg” can be heard on Stingray Music’s “The Blues”. The cd is available online and at all of Mark’s shows. “Great singing and playing. Fab tone, nice tunes. A terrific blues album” -Jack De Keyzer

Crissinger himself is not new to the Canadian music scene. Between 1987-2007 he played an estimated 1500 shows in Ontario and Quebec including eighteen tours of the Maritime provinces. He has opened for great artists like James Cotton, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Richie Havens, Jeff Healey, Blue Rodeo, Tragically Hip, 54-40, The Ramones and many more. Together with his bands he has appeared in two dozen Canadian festivals and even performed at the legendary SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.  Since moving to British Columbia in 2007 Mark has released five solo albums and played over 600 shows including eleven eastern Canadian tours, two appearances at the Pender Harbour Blues Festival and at last year’s NBS festival.

The CRISSINGER-BAND are regular hosts of the NBS Sunday jam at the Queens and are very grateful to be part of the Vancouver Island blues scene. Their performance at last year’s festival was considered to be one of the highlights of Summertime Blues and they promise not to disappoint in 2015. Please check out Mark’s website to learn more then come see what all the fuss is about on August 29th.

Artist website

4:30 pm

David Vest

Born and raised in Alabama, David Vest is an authentic, Southern-bred, boogie-woogie piano player, Blues shouter and world-class entertainer.

David went on tour at the age of seventeen.  By twenty-one he was on stage with Big Joe Turner who told him his playing made him feel like he was back in Kansas City.

Among many interesting tidbits about David’s career; he wrote the first songs Tammy Wynette recorded, toured with Faron Young (who threatened to kill him), and backed Red Foley in a show where all the stars got robbed.  I think there might be a secret message about playing Country music somewhere in there!

David and his band will be performing on Saturday at the 2016 Summertime Blues.  He’s the real deal folks.  Good singer, great stories and can he ever radiate the eighty-eight!

Artist website

5:45 pm

Rick Vito & The Lucky Devils

Rick Vito was born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia.  American Bandstand was broadcast from Philadelphia and was a huge musical influence when he was a kid.  He also loved Ozzie and Harriet because Ricky Nelson would play at the end of the show and the guitarist in the band was James Burton.  James has played with everyone and was a huge influence.

Rick moved to L.A. in ’71 and toured with Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.  In ’74 he joined John Mayall and became a Blues Breaker.  From there he started touring with Bonnie Raitt.  He recorded the slide solo on Bob Seger’s huge hit Like a Rock and has appeared on every Bob Seger record since 1986.  In 1987 he joined Fleetwood Mac.

To say the least, Rick has performed with as many big name bands as anyone around.  The reason is obvious, a supremely talented player well versed in many styles.

Rick Vito and the Lucky Devils will be performing Saturday at the 2016 Summertime Blues and he will have all that talent and versatility on display for our lucky audience.

Artist website

7:15 pm

Jack Semple

Jack Semple grew up on a farm North of Regina.  He re-located to Toronto in the late ‘80’s to play in a popular band at the time.  After two years he returned home to concentrate on a solo career and spend more time with his family.

Jack has worked in the TV and movie industry as a player, songwriter and actor.  In ’92 he came to national prominence by winning Much Music’s Guitar Wars competition.  If you have ever heard him play you are not surprised by that last sentence.

He has an amazing soulful voice to go along with his otherworldly guitar playing.  His styles include Blues, Jazz and Soul and his voice is facile enough to handle all three genres.

He has won a ton of awards since that Much Music competition and it seems his talents have penetrated border.  He’s finally getting some well-deserved recognition from the Blues fans in the States.

Jack is the penultimate act on Saturday night at the 2016 Summertime Blues.  If you have never seen him you are in for a special treat (prepare to be blown away).  If you have seen him before, you’re smiling and nodding while you read this!

Artist website



Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown