South Island Rhythm Kings

At the nucleous of the South Island Rhythm Kings is the Father/Son team of Lazy MIKE MALLON on Vocals and Harmonica, and CARSON MALLON on Guitar and Vocals, creating a musical bond and a fresh spin on early Electric Blues.With their good friend, and long time colaborator DAN “Piano Dano” DUBE’ on Keys adding some Blues seasoning, RICKY RENOUF layin’ it down on Stand Up Bass, and the “Groove Doctor” NICK DOKTER on Drums, all locking in to drive the bottom end.

“It has been said the blues is a language we all speak. From an empty wallet to a cold side of the bed, we all experience the blues in some way. It is the expression, or the dialects, that vary from region to region. The searing slide guitar of the Mississippi Delta, the swamp-ridden Louisiana Blues, the uptown horn arrangements of Texas and the West Coast, the soul-stirring electrified harmonica from Chicago; these sounds have gone on to influence the world of music for decades.

It is from these traditions that the South Island Rhythm Kings draw their inspiration. In a modern world of digital excess, this is a group of musicians who present a repertoire of old-school, real-deal blues music. You will not find any meaningless virtuosity on the new recording, only the pure expression of blues being reared on the stretch of Highway 1 from Nanaimo down to Victoria. This is the blues of Vancouver Island.” Carson Mallon ’19.