The R&B Kingpins

The R&B Kingpins are a high powered horn-driven band that swept through the Vancouver, BC music scene like a house on fire from 2000-2005. When the lion-voiced lead vocalist Big Hank Lionhart moved to Edmonton in mid ‘05 the band went into hibernation. Over the next dozen years most of the original members relocated to Victoria, BC and in ’19 the R&B Kingpins reunited in their new Vancouver Island home. Once again, plying their hard edged classic R&B and many original songs penned in the same style, this band of seasoned musicians is making the rounds of clubs, festivals and concert halls, spreading the joy and the news that real R&B is not dead. With it’s heavy beat, punchy horn section and harmony laced vocals these guys will bounce any audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor!